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My cleaning process

Once picked up, I’ll take your rugs out to my studio where I “dust” your rug. Dusting is the term I use to describe the process of thoroughly removing the dry foreign material from your rugs. This is accomplished with a combination of compressed air, harmonic vibration on a “grid” that lets all of the newly dislodged contaminants that vacuuming can’t remove fall harmlessly to the floor where an industrial vacuum and air scrubber quickly contain all of that airborne mess. A rug that “looks” clean can still hold dozens of pounds of dry soil, dander, dead skin, dust mites, and grit. These airborne and gravity distributed contaminates are what prematurely wear out your rug, and your nose if you have allergies.

Getting on my hands and knees, I test various components of your freshly dusted rug. Color stability, pile direction, construction, and materials to custom blend the perfect environmentally friendly cleansing “cocktail” for your particular rug. Since I am not a franchise owner, I don’t have to use harsh one size fits all cleaning products. My 28 years of experience and my Master Textile and Rug Certification are your assurance that your rug is going to be safely and completely cleaned. This part of the rug cleaning process is far too important to trust to an employee. I’m very hands on. It’s my reputation here.

Now that I have a plan, I’ll usually soak your rug in a solution of safe plant extracts to loosen the oily soil that is locked onto the rug’s fibers. Each rug gets its’ own “bath”. I don’t put your rugs in with someone else’s rugs. It may cross contaminate them, which is also why I don’t use rug cleaning machines that quickly spray soapy water on the rugs as they run down the conveyor belt. I don’t feel that they are thorough enough. I also don’t steam clean your rugs or carpets for that matter.

After the rug soaking is complete, usually two days, I begin the process of gently rinsing and brushing all of the loosened and dissolved soils with clear, soft, cool water. This process is usually repeated at least twice and on severely soiled rugs, as many as four times. When the soil is removed and rinsed away, it’s time to dry your rug.

I’ll dry your rug safely. I dry your rug flat on a grid in a room where humidity is very low thanks to industrial dehumidification equipment. Huge volumes of cool air rush under and across the face of the freshly cleaned rug. I never hang them to dry. I never spin them to dry. I never wring them out to dry. I have seen each of those processes damage rugs, so I won’t do it to yours just to save some time or space.

When your rug is completely dry, I apply fiber protector, and other treatments depending upon your wishes. Again, I do not charge extra for these treatments.

If you’ve decided to purchase hypoallergenic underlayment for your rug, I’ll custom cut it to perfectly fit your rug. If your rug needed some repair or fringe replacement or removal this will now be done.

I will call you to confirm the delivery of your rug and I will return your rug to you, your new home, or your storage facility.

I will follow up within a few days to make sure everything is as you had hoped. I want you to be happy with every aspect of my service.