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How Aegis is Different


There are at least half a dozen things that I’ve been doing differently for 30 years.

For instance, I am not a franchise, I am not bound to use what “corporate” tells me to use. Plus, all of your money stays right here at home in Austin, Texas.

I don’t have anyone working here on any kind of commission.
I include all of the “extras” in every service I perform; so, there’s really nothing to upsell you. When service people are not paid well and the bulk of their income is from add-on sales there is an uncomfortable tension created in your home. I just flat out remove that uneasy feeling from the equation before I even arrive at your home. I want to see you again and again.

Ask any company you are considering if they work on a commission basis; if so, are YOUR interests are being served?

I actually enjoy what I do.
There was a recent study that claims 90% of Americans wish they were doing something else for a living and that 70% actually HATE what they do for a living. HATE. That’s just so sad. This will sound strange to you but I actually love cleaning your rugs and making you proud of  them. 

There was a great deal of satisfaction when a client inherited a rug from her mother and trusted me to wash it. Upon returning it to her, she tearfully thanked me for “making it look like it used to when she was a little girl”. That’s why I love what I do.

I am fun to work with.

I’ve been told that so many times that it made me look at myself and ask “why?” Well, while I take my profession very seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously. Yes, I have all the certifications, awards, and training known to man, as well as every new toy and gadget the industry can come up with every year. The truth is that the only people who really care about all that stuff are other people in our industry. You don’t. I don’t get burned out trying to be all things to all people, like adding services that I are don’t enjoy performing, such as mold remediation, carpet cleaning, water damage, grout cleaning, pest control, window washing, chimney cleaning, duct cleaning or working 6 or 7 days a week like the coupon guys have to do. Just like you, I have a family that I love and want to see as often as I can.

I am discreet. I am fortunate to service the most beautiful homes anywhere. With that comes a great deal of responsibility. I have many, many clients who need and desire privacy and discretion. I am familiar with non-disclosure documents as well as protecting your credit card information and security codes when you need servicing without being present. I actually have many regular clients whom I have never met in person.