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Rug Cleaning in Austin Texas has always been important for so many reasons. Besides cleaning your rugs because of the usual occasions like celebrations of a new marriage, a new baby, or a graduation gathering, there are very important reasons to clean your rugs. The main reason to get your rugs cleaned should be your health, and protecting your investment in your rugs. Rugs are actually art you can walk on. They really are special. A “fine rug” is any rug that you love.  Whether it’s a round rug, a runner, an entry rug, wool rug, silk rug, hand knotted rug, or power loomed, they are all special.


Some rug yarns are vegetal (vegetable) dyed, such as those used in Persian rugs, Tabriz, Sarouk, or Oushak to name a few, also Occidental or Western, Navajo style rugs.  Whereas modern or power loomed rugs are usually dyed with metallic mordents, as are hand tufted rugs.  Aubusson or Oriental rugs can be dyed with either metallic or vegetal mordents.  Sheep skin or Flokati rugs are natural and therefore commonly not dyed.   Wherever in the world they are from, a rug store, rug gallery, foreign rug bazaar or an estate sale, rugs should be treated with the utmost of care and safety.


Care and safety of your rugs are paramount to how I do business. Until I started my rug cleaning business over 25 years ago, there was a void in Austin rug cleaning. The focus of most was, and remains, on high volume, highly mechanized, speedy rug cleaning. Rugs would be washed one after another like on an assembly line, or drive through car wash. A good, slow, thorough, one at a time hand washing of rugs and then safely drying them flat on an individual basis was essentially non-existent. The cleaning solutions were far from green, and when the rug cleaning was done, the rugs were hung on poles to dry, sometimes outside where colors can easily fade in the hot Texas sun.


I clean rugs differently than most. Your entire experience with me will be different from anything you’ve ever had before. I am a CMT (a Certified Master Textile cleaner) and I do the cleaning myself. I’m the owner and I know how to safely clean your rugs. I will meet you when I pick up your rug and I’ll be there when your rug is delivered back to you (pick-up and delivery is free by the way). Pet de-contamination is free. Fiber protection is free. Deodorization is free. Insect repellant is free. Anti-allergen treatments are also free. I’ve never liked it when someone adds a laundry list of charges for things that should be included with the job, so I don’t do that to my clients. My prices are fair and include all the extras. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks, and yes, even American Express.