free pick up

What to do next

The only thing you need to do is call me at 327-1900. I will ask you a few simple questions about your rugs and any special concerns you may have about them. If you are just looking for information and would like to hear a brief recorded message about my rug cleaning process, you have that option as well when you call. You don’t have to talk to me unless you want to. I’m at extension “1”.

We will set up a convenient appointment to pick up your rugs. I do not charge extra to pick up or deliver your rugs. I hate being charged extra for something that should be included in the price.

On our appointment day, I’ll get to meet you personally and look at your rugs. I’ll ask you some questions about them and about how you use them, when they were last cleaned, and I love to hear stories about how you acquired your rugs. It is fun for me. Everyone has a story about their rugs.

I’ll inspect your rugs and measure them. We’ll discuss any areas of concern you might have such as pet damage, moth damage, repairs you might want performed or what is the correct padding for your situation. I will offer my suggestions and opinions to whatever extent you wish, but YOU are in control.

I will go over the notes I’ve taken, the sizes of the rugs, discuss delivery times with you;  barring repairs, usually 2 to 3 weeks from pick up to delivery. I’ll then collect payment by check, or any major credit card including American Express. You will have a copy of my notes and charges as well as your credit card receipt if that is how you paid.